Setting types of services

When creating an expedition you will have to select the service type; by default you have Regular and Express. To set up the types of services characteristic to your company go to Company/Services. Write a name and a code (these 2 have to be similar) and click on Add. The code of a service have to be unique (you cannot have two services with the same code). Try not to separate services based on area of delivery - this is why zones are for. For example you probably don’t want a “National” service, just a “National” zone. You want services like “24 hours” or “Next day delivery” or “Mass mailing”, and you can set separate prices depending on both service and zone. In addition to the main services you can define any number of add-on services, which you can add to an expedition. You can use this to charge for extra services like “Sunday delivery” or “Open on delivery” or maybe “Fragile”.
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