Prices setup

The prices are setup from from the Client’s details page as well. The prices need to be specified separately for packages and envelopes, for each service type and for each zone. The default service types are Regular and Express, but you can change them in the “Services” page. It is best if you do this before you set up the prices . For example, you may want to add 1 USD per extra kg for all the  packages over 5 kg. So in this case, an 8 kg regular expedition would cost $13 - a base price of $10, plus $3 for each extra kg over the 5kg limit. Don’t forget to click on the “Change” button to save all this info. Finally, you can add a more customized pricing scheme based on packages’ weight by adding a “Price scale”. You can create as many price scales as you want. To use them, just select a price scale instead of a price value in the table above.
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