Creating my first shipment


Go to the Shipments menu, select the the client who is placing the order, click on New shipment button and fill the data about the expedition. 

You need to have the client already in the software. If this is too much trouble, the software comes with a handy "Occasional client" already created which you can use for one-shot shipments for which you don't want to keep the client.

Both sender and recipient addresses can be saved for later, or loaded from an address database. You (and your clients) can upload those addresses directly from an excel file. 

Shipments are created with the “draft” status by default. The status has to be changed in order to do anything useful with it. Usually you want to change it to "uncollected", which will then be automatically changed to "active" when a courier scans it at pickup. 

If you do the same operation logged in as a client, you won’t be able to change the status directly - but you can "Finalize" them, which does the same thing. Make sure your clients know they have to do this - draft expeditions aren’t considered ready to be picked up. 

If you set a number of pieces over 1, on finalization the software will automatically turn this shipment into a group by creating the other necessary shipments. A group is invoiced as one shipment of the total weight, but allows you to process each piece independently on the operational side. Since they have separate tracking numbers, you can load them up in different cars, assign them to separate couriers and so on. The software warns you if you fail to properly reassemble them for delivery.

Going back to the list page, you can assign the shipment to a courier and generate a rollcart. If the assigned courier has the Android application installed, he will receive a notification that he has new shipments assigned.

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